Easy Shopping 45 Liter Heavy Duty Large Flexi Tub Garden Home Flexible Colour Plastic Storage Container Bucket Flex Tub- MADE IN U.K. (Green) 4.8 out of 5 stars 304. It has 12 places and 6 seats available as compared to 7 places and 4 seats in BL-856. A Hot tub that is so marvelous that you feel lost in it and never wants to come out of it. 2 Balboa System TP600 (made in USA) - 1 for swim zone and 1 for spa zone, Balboa System BP6013G2/G3 - 2x3kW (made in USA), Balboa System BP6013G2/G3 - 3x3kW (made in USA), 1x12V, Multi-colored LED lights,Underwater light, Emotional waterfall with RGB LED’s attached. This polythene increases the durability of your spa without affecting its comfort level. Save. Though being compact in design, this hot tub doesn’t hide away from giving you the luxuries of hot tub as well as swim tub. For those who want to go big or go home, an extra large hot tub or swim spa is a backyard must-have. Secluded Mountain Escape*Extra Large Hot Tub* - Sandy - 10 photos, 2 avis d'utilisateurs. Next on our list is another giant hot tub BL-859 which comes from the same manufacturer Beauty Luxury. When you are spending some lavishing sum on this hot tub, you don’t want to get disappointed by the fact that it lacks entertainment systems. £15.44 £ 15. If you still not satisfied with all the above features and are looking for something extra for this extra-large hot tub, then there are other additional accessories that you can select from. 1-16 of over 10,000 results for "extra large plastic tub" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Entire home. If you are worried about the maintenance of this huge hot tub, then your worries are taken care. Secluded Mountain Escape*Extra Large Hot Tub* is located in Sandy, 7 km from Mountain America Expo Center, and a bar and a garden are accessible on-site. As is expected from the biggest hot tub, this hot tub is huge in space. Save hundreds by purchasing a blemished spa hot tub. You can also install additional DVD/CD player which allows you to sit down, take out a bottle of wine and enjoy your movie time, chilling out in the cool breeze of wind. There are as many as 171 water jets and 22 air jets present on this masterpiece. No word on warranty or service period about the hot Again discussing, the largest hot tubs means they are luxurious and when they are high in cost, they require enough space and proper care and services. Of course, you can add up many of the additional accessories to this hot tub to constantly increase your bath tub experience. 7 bedrooms. This product is from the range of swim spa products that company offers. A party spa can seat upwards of 12 people. All these jets can be controlled through a simple interfaced application. Contact us a with description of what you need, along with any measurements you might have, and we will get back to you shortly. Beauty Luxury is an Italian based luxury bathtubs and spa manufacturers whose market is basically from the Internet. Give Us A Call: 1-844-301-3300 | FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50. Hydropool H1038 Hot Tub 10 Person Hot Tub As one of the largest tubs in the industry, owning a Hydropool H1038 means everyone can join in. It is definitely more of the hot tub and less of swim space, since the other deck doesn’t extend as in BL-856. What Happens If You Stay In a Hot Tub too Long? Since it is made up of high-quality stainless steel, the worries of rust shouldn’t be there. The installation of this BL-859 is easy for the manufactures as it is short in length compared to the other model because of its compact design. Both the halves are 4 meters long and are really depth to hold enough water. However, there is provision for TV, stereo sound systems and any other additional music systems, which you want to add up to this hot tub to make your experience much better.

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